Owen Leigh

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Creative digital content solutions

Owen Leigh portrait illustration c Owen Leigh

Now working in digital content design for organisations such as the RSPB, Owen combines a background in Science, Media and Communication with a unique mix of technical and creative skills to bridge the gap between UX and UI design.

Able to adapt to new CMS quickly, Owen has a knack for visualising concepts, making the transtition from brief, to wireframe, to solution, a seamless and collaborative process.

Looking for someone to help bring your ideas to life?

Responsive digital stories

Storytelling content that adapts to any device, so your audience can find you on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Accurate and accessible

Fact-checked copy, an authroitative voice and easy to understand graphics, presented in a way that everyone can use.

Tailored to your brand

Accuracy, style, brand confidence. All of this, without losing that spark that makes your brand stand out.

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