Crunching numbers: analytics

If you have any kind of presence on social media or are writing for an online publication, you want to know how well your content is doing. Understanding what works well and what doesn’t means you can tailor your work to suit the wants and needs of your followers. But how do you do that?

Maybe you’re getting a few likes, maybe even some shares, but how do you figure out who is reading your posts and when? Analytics.

It might sound boring to you but crunching those numbers to find out how many people your content has reached can be hugely valuable to building a social media strategy and creating the content your readers want to see.

Depending on the platform you may already have access to some basics stats. Twitter, for example, has a buit in function that allows you to see the total number of likes, shares, views and interactions with any of your tweets. To find it all you need to do is head over to your profile page and click ‘View your top Tweets’. This will take you to a dashboard from which you can access a range of data on your tweet performance.

analytics 1

It will let you do this for individual tweets and for your account as a whole. Pretty handy when optimising your social media strategy. If promoting an article or story, what you really want to be looking for are link clicks. Likes might be good for your ego, but they’re worthless if no one has actually read your content!

Analytics 2

If you’ve identified a problem using this feature you can set about working out how to increase your click-throughs. Did another tweet score higher on clicks but get fewer likes? What about the wording worked and how can you incorperate that to improve things? Play around and see what works.

WordPress has a similar feature, letting you keep an eye on which posts are most popular with your audience and where in the world your views come from.

Analytics 3.png

Again, which posts and pages are doing well and which are being ignored? Are visitors getting stuck on the home page? Try changing things up, make your content more accessible through the home page or re-write your copy.

Perhaps the most useful and comprehensive of these tools is Goodle Analytics. Letting you keep track of your websites or mobile apps, Google Analytics records your traffic and identifies poorly performing posts so that you can take a proactive approach to improving your content.

Finding out what makes your readers tick and what keeps them on your site is the first step in strategising your content. If you want to reach your audience with quality posts that they want to see, analytics are a must.



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