How do you use social media?

Social media can be a real help when it comes to reching new and existing readers alike. Using the analytic tools I discussed in a previous post, you can determine which platform your readers come from, which are doing well, and which could do with a little TLC. To get the most out of your social media strategy and get people clicking through to your stories you should:

1. Understand which platform works best for you.

instagram likes
Likes are nice but they don’t mean much if no one is actually reading your content.

Before taking to social media you need to understand where your readers or potential readers are and how your content fits on that platform. Facebook and Twitter are good for getting news out to a large crowd, but if you dont target the right groups your tweets may fall on deaf ears. If your readers are frequently Tweeting then Twitter is your platform, likewise if your are primarily concerned with news – news travels well on Twitter.

Again, if there are a large number of groups on Facebook that would be interested in your content then this is likely to be a good place to post. Getting real, meaningful traction on Facebook may be hard to come by but when it happenes it can be incredibly powerful.

A platform like Instagram on the otherhand, may work well for branding, but you’re unlikely to get click-throughs to your website. 100 likes is nice but if only five of those resulted in a click-through, it’s not worth the time.


2. Be active!

Look interested and be active – the more people see you, the more likely they are to learn more about you.

So now you’ve decided on a platform, how often do you post? If people come to your site and see you haven’t posted in weeks or months they’ll quickly leave and probably wont bother to check again. Be active in posting. If you can’t upload a video yet, post a picture, ask a questions or update your audience on your current project. Do something to let people know you’re still there, working away to create content for them to look forward to.

3. Create conversation.

tin can phone
Get talking to people. It might help you to better understand your readers and come up with new ideas.

Engage with your readers and they’ll engage with you. Respond to messages, find conversations on other sites or profiles and take part. If you have something to say people will want to know more about you and you’ll have more chances of capturing new users.

This also counts trowards being active – let people know you’re there!



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