British Bumblebees

It’s finally done! Earlier this year I decided to learn how to properly use Illustrator to make infographics and redesign some of my previous Piktochart made graphics. I thought it took forwever to draw these bees the first time round but between learning how to do this and keeping the bees as easy to identify as possible while making sure the details were right… oof. But I did it, and now I can move on to other ideas I have on how to use these bees.

This guide was originally a project for my MSc. The bee theme random and, honestly, I didn’t know very much about them before-hand. Now I think people are starting to get tired of my bee trivia. Did you know that bees understand the concept of zero as a number?

The bees illustrated here are based off the queens of the species. Workers and males may differ slightly in appearance.

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Natural sciences communicator.

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