Who am I?

Owen Leigh portrait illustration c Owen Leigh

I’m a digital content specialist

with a borderline unhealthy obsession with CMS

I love to tinker and learn new things so when I’m not teaching myself to make dice, trying new ideas in Illustrator or generally pottering around my house, I like to play with building websites. The first thing I usually do when I find a new CMS is try to break it.

A bit like a kid taking apart an old radio to find out how it works…

I promise I can put it back together though.

My background is in ethology, the study of animal behaviour, and science, media and communication.
Doesn’t sound related to digital content? I suppose it isn’t directly.

But what they have done is taught me how to break down complex information to tell a compelling story. It also means I have a good understanding of human behaviour. What makes people want to do things.

Like visit your website. Or click a button.

Go on. You know you want to