Hi, I’m Owen,

My background is in ethology, the study of animal behaviour, and science communication. When I’m not tinkering with digital applications or writing for science, you can usually find me messing around with Illustrator or trying my hand at a new craft.

I’ve been writing for science publications for several years and now offer my skills to brands looking to improve their digital content. Whether your brand is science focused or just needs to get the facts straight, I can help you find the best digital solutions for your brand and audience.

Why Science?

I grew up in the Natural History Mueseum where my Mother worked. I would spend hours roaming the galleries and behind-the-scenes storage rooms where all the really interesting specimens were. At home both my parents made a point of teaching me about the natural world and even encourgaed my bug hunts and garden “excavations”. My love for science never faded and after my studies I wanted to find way to share science with people other than academics.

Why Digital?

A webpage displayed on a laptop

The digital world is moving quickly. New trends appear every week, technologies emerge quicker than we can learn them and we are constantly just a click away from the latest stories. As a result, static digital content becomes old news almost as soon as it’s published. Creating future-proof digital content is a necessity but not every brand has the infrastructure to do that yet.