Content creation

Visual story telling and science writing

I create content for both digital and print publishing, from longform infographics to beat reporting. My specialisms are in the natural world and ethology but I have also written on topics like cloud microphysics, kids crafts and social issues. If you are interested in my writing, or are looking to commision a graphic or illustration, get in touch. You can find out more about my content creation here.

Science writing

Features and news articles for a number of different brands, including science feature magazine Research Features, Science Made Simple, and the RSPB’s Natutres home and Children’s titles.

Visual story telling

Infographics and illustration for digital and print production. Photoshop and Indesign concepts.

If you would like to see some examples of my writing please get in touch.

Content Design

Digital solutions

Wireframes, content management and content production tailored to your brand and your CMS.

Email campaigns personalised for your members that point to targeted web content.