Digital content design

Digital content

As a digital content designer I research, test and implement solutions to present your front-facing content online. I’ll work with you to optimise content, improve engagement and user retention and increase actions according to your goals.

Working with me is a simple four stage process:

  • Investigation

    After an initial consulation, I’ll work with you to assess the content you want to improve to find out what is working and what isn’t.

    We’ll set some goals and KPIs to help you set out a brief.

  • Solution

    Once we have a clear picture of what you want to achieve we can set up a solutions proposal outlining your goals and aims, the deliverables and KPIs.

    I’ll get to know your CMS and digital style to make sure the solutions are feasible or suggest areas for future development.

  • Creation

    I’ll get to work while you relax, knowing your content is in good hands.

    Working with your creatives, I’ll consider SEO, Meta-data and accessibility to ensure your content is evergreen and available to everyone.

  • Delivery

    I will always send you documentation for each step so that content can be reviewed for QA. Once you are happy send me written confirmation of sign-off and I can either push to publish or hand over to you to publish in your own time.

It’s that easy. What are you waiting for?