Notes on Nature: Bitesize


On switching from SalesForce Marketing Cloud to CACI Email Studio for email builds, the RSPB wanted to strengthen their brand identity in their regular Notes on Nature e-newsletters while also responding to lockdown by increasing the frequency of sends.


In addition to monthly Notes on Nature sends, introducing weekly “bitesize” emails with updates on lockdown announcements when necessary, but focusing on feel-good content and major successes, such as the Tristan da Cunha marine protection announcement, to lift people’s spirits. Linking to stories of interest, regular content like photo of the week, natures calendar and NoN TV to strengthen the feeling of familiarity and community and reducing the number of asks in favour of giving to the audience has been an important factor during this time of uncertainty.


Iterative refinement has allowed a strong brand identity to emerge in the sends and introduced the use of GIFs to add interest and draw readers further down the email.

Open rates have been on the rise, with a healthy average of ~34%.
Click rates currently averaging at around 4%.

Natures calendar in particular has garnered a lot of interest via these sends, as has NoNTV in the last few sends with nearly 33% of clicks on 14th November.

Sends which utilise GIFs in the hero have seen significantly more interest than those with static content.