Tristan Da Cunha Marine Protection Zone


In November the RSPB announced the creation of the largest Marine Protected Area anywhere in the Atlantic, and the 4th largest on the planet, in the waters around Tristan Da Cunha. It was one of the most significant environmental announcements in the world this year and was down to the RSPB working with the local Tristan community. There were many partners involved, looking to get credit, and so the RSPB wanted to create a digital offering where the RSPB brand was front and centre.


We built a wireframe and web page that would appeal to a wider audience through stunning imagery, simple clean copy, powerful co-produced video, and strong messaging that was in the new grid, took the audience on an underwater journey and showcased the best of the content and story we had to offer.

We included a simple CTA at the bottom taking niche audience members over to the project page for more nuanced information, and of course all the partner logos.


The content had more than 22,000 page views, and users spent almost 3 minutes on the page (almost double the site average). The story made national and internal press, and was shared on Instagram by Leonardo DiCaprio!

The RSPB’s Head of Technology Design and Delivery Frankie Wicks had this to say: “I just wanted to say I am really proud of the work, effort and tenacity you all put into our content. It’s not the easiest working environment – and we’ll be addressing that, but for today on Tristan and for the other content we put out – a massive well done.”